Aerial Ash Scattering

Sunset on the Wasatch Mountains

Scattering the ashes of a loved one as a memorial ceremony has long been a tradition of the families of those who choose cremation. Most people have a favorite spot that holds special meaning and memories, and releasing the ashes of a deceased loved one in that location can bring comfort and closure to family and friends. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is by aerial scattering. Cremains can easily be spread over a much larger area than is possible by ground dispersal, thereby reducing the impact on a specific location. Releasing ashes into the air is a wonderful way to memorialize the passing of a loved one, and signify their return to nature. Since the ashes are purified by the cremation process, there are no environmental concerns.

Ash Scattering
Ash Scattering

Utah by Air will help you navigate the process, and insure the dispersal is handled in a proper and dignified manner. A video of the release can be provided, along with a professional aerial photograph of the location and a plaque with the day, time, and gps location details. Coordinated releases can be arranged as well so that family and friends can view the memorial event.


Aerial Ash Scattering Services

Basic Service:      $595
Includes a Certificate of Ash Dispersal and a framed 8×10 aerial photograph of the area, including a plaque with your loved ones name, the date and time of the aerial scattering ceremony, as well as the gps location over which the cremains were scattered. The ceremony will take place within 30 days of Utah by Air receiving the cremains.

Video Service:     $695
Includes everything in the Basic Service, as well as a video from the airplane of the scattering ceremony.

Viewing Service:     $945
We work with you to select a date, time, and place from which your family and friends can watch the aerial ash scattering ceremony from the ground. This is a wonderful way to witness the release of your loved one into the air above the location you’ve selected, signifying their return to nature. This option also includes everything in the previous services. This option is subject to weather, and a first and second choice of dates is required.

Pet Service:     $595
We are happy to help you scatter the cremains of your beloved family pet. This service includes all the options of the basic service, but for your pet.

Rose petals added to the ash dispersal ceremony – $50
Multiple cremains dispersed on the same flight – $100 each
Multiple locations for the same cremains – contact for details

*The above services assume the ceremony location is within our normal operating area (within 30 miles of the Wasatch front). Longer distances and any permit fees are additional. Please contact us for details.

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