Architectural Photography

Great architectural photography requires special knowledge and training. It’s more than merely owning a camera and some lights. The photographer needs to know when to use which lens, how to balance daylight with mercury vapor or florescent bulbs, or both, when to spend the time to set up your lights and when to use advanced compositing software and create the final image in post. Of course, all this knowledge is nothing without the creativity to put it together in an aesthetically pleasing way that best shows the subject in the way the client needs. Which camera angle will accentuate the positive aspects of the design while minimizing the less photogenic areas? Will it look better in morning or evening light? Can it be captured in a single exposure, or will multiple images need to be composited to highlight all the architectural features of the building? We know how to do it right. Let us use our expertise to show your work in its best possible light.

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