Aerial Photography

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Oblique Aerial Photography (elevated, angled) images are perfect for many applications including industrial, residential, transportation planning and patterns, commercial real estate, construction, progress, legal and forensic, tourist and local interest, environmental, roofing, pictorial, and many more. Oblique images are used to show everything from proximity to local landmarks and transportation acccess to detailed shots of construction progress to stunning panoramas of scenic areas.

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Aviation and Air-to-Air Photography -With our background in commercial photography, we can handle any aviation related assignment. We have all the equipment and the experience and knowledge required to overcome the challenges and technical problems that are present when shooting aircraft. Whether it’s shooting in confined spaces with mixed lighting and professional models, balancing and correcting light in the cockpit and instrument panel with the daylight coming in, or executing a multi-camera shoot for a one-take only event like the first flight of a pre-production aircraft, we have done it all and we can do it for you.
Air-to-Air assignments are unique and require adequate planning, experienced pilots in both the photo and the subject plane, and a photographer who knows what to do. There are special challenges and techniques that make air-to-air a specialized offering. Our clients have used our custom air-to-air photography for many purposes, including announcing a new aircraft to the public, flight testing a proof-of-concept plane, showing off a custom built airplane and paint job, magazine articles, demonstrating the aircraft at work, marketing shots for aircraft sales, calendars, and to just hang on the wall at the office so you can see the plane when your not flying!


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