Ash Scattering Frequently Asked Questions

What are cremains?
Cremains are the cremated remains or the ashes of the deceased.

How do you disperse cremains from the plane?
We developed a custom ash dispersal system that is inside the airplane and evenly disperses the ashes from the bottom of the fuselage. The system is activated by the co-pilot at the exact co-ordinates or at the precise time requested.

Can you take passengers during the ash dispersion flight?
We cannot take passengers during the flight; however, we can arrange a date and time (weather permitting) for you to view the dispersion from the ground.

How can we witness the scattering of the cremains?
If you wish to witness the aerial ash dispersal from the ground, we can arrange for a time and location for family and friends to view the scattering. This is a meaningful way for loved ones to be involved in the process. See our package descriptions for more information.

Are there any restrictions as to where ashes can be dispersed?
Yes, permits are often required for scattering ashes over public lands. For example, most National Parks require a permit, and Bryce Canyon prohibits aerial ash dispersal altogether. If you would like to scatter the cremains of your loved one over private property, written permission from the landowner is required. We follow all state and federal regulations regarding ash dispersal, and we will discuss the process for your desired location during the planning phase of our services.

If we do not choose to witness the ash dispersal, how will we know that the ashes have been scattered?
When we disperse the cremains of your loved one, we will contact you immediately to let you know the ceremony has been performed. We record the date, time, and precise location (GPS coordinates) on the Certificate of Dispersion you receive. We can also provide video of the ceremony, in addition to the aerial photograph of the area. See our package descriptions for more information. We follow a strict chain of custody to ensure your peace of mind, and to maintain of high standards of service.

How do I ship cremated remains to Utah by Air?
The US Postal service is the only option for shipping cremains. For more information, see USPS publication 139. Additionally, you may hand deliver your loved one’s cremains to Utah by Air by appointment.

Can I divide the ashes and keep some in an urn?
Yes, you may divide the cremains before sending them to us. Many people like to keep some of the ashes in an urn, a memorial box, a small vial or jewelry piece, etc.

Can you scatter multiple cremains at once?
Normally we only scatter one person’s cremains at a time; however, if requested, we can perform multiple ceremonies per flight. Each person’s cremains are kept in and scattered from separate dispersal units. We can disperse the cremains over the same location, or over multiple locations. Please see our package descriptions for more information.

Do you mix cremains?
We do not mix cremains unless specifically asked to do so. Cremains are always clearly marked and stored in separate containers. We thoroughly clean each dispersal device after every use.

Can I have my pet’s ashes dispersed?
Yes, please see our package descriptions for more information.