The End of 2016 and the Beginning of 2017

For Photographic Solutions and Utah by Air, 2016 went out in style. Our last flight of the year took us over some of the amazing scenery that south central Utah has to offer. The San Rafael Swell and the canyons of the Dirty Devil river are amazing, and when the sun is low in the sky and light changes color, the scenery is spectacular! This flight reminded us once again of why we love flying above and photographing the diverse environments of Utah.

We have big plans for 2017! For starters, Allen is heading to Honduras to open the Noreen Macbean Childrens Center in honor of his wife who passed away in a cycling accident in 2015. In order to support the center, which will teach marketable skills to orphaned boys in Honduras, we’ll be starting an ongoing fundraising campaign. Each week we’ll feature a custom print of a different scenic aerial photograph, and a large portion of each print sold will go directly to the center. Stay tuned for more details after Allen gets back at the end of January. You can learn more about the Noreen Macbean Childrens Center and the Hope for Honduran Children Charity by following this link: Noreen Macbean Childrens Center

In June we’re planning an epic three week trip to Alaska! We’ll be flying our plane along with several friends in their planes in a loose caravan to the wild parts of Alaska, and documenting the whole trip from the air.

We’ve also updated our video capabilities and can now provide stabilized 4k video from our plane, in addition to our drone video services. The forward looking video from the airplane (see the sample video above) provides epic overviews of incredible scenery.  Contact us for details, and check out this video of Timpanogos while your thinking about it:

Don’t forget to download our monthly computer wallpaper either!

We hope you have a great 2017!

Stock Photography Flight to Eagle City

This past weekend we took a stock photography flight to the airstrip at Eagle City, Utah. A good friend, Cory, and his son Adam came with us in their Cessna 205. The strip is located in the foothills of the Henry Mountains South of Hanksville. When standing on the strip, looking to the West gives you incredible views of the snow-capped Henry Mountains, and looking East fixes your gaze at the red rock mesas and canyons not too far away.

Parked at the Eagle City Airstrip
Parked at the Eagle City Airstrip
Looking East from the Eagle City Airstrip
Looking East from the Eagle City Airstrip

Eagle City was a booming gold mining town back in the 1800’s, with some estimates putting the population as high as 200 people. Unfortunately, the mine kept flooding and the money dried up before they could get the drain holes engineered and built. The town disappeared quickly after that.
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We spent most of the day exploring and photographing the Crescent Creek slot canyon just South of the strip. About halfway down the canyon there is a 60 foot drop off where miners had created a dam a long time ago. We were without climbing gear, so we hiked back up the canyon and skirted around the outside to the East were we hiked upstream until the light started fade.

Crescent Creek Slot Canyon
Crescent Creek Slot Canyon

We arrived back the planes just in time to get a great shot of the sun setting behind the mountains and clouds with the airplanes in front. This image is our free computer wallpaper for this month, and you can download it here: Free Computer Wallpaper

Airplanes Camping at the Eagle City Airstrip
Airplanes Camping at the Eagle City Airstrip

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All in all, it was a great trip and we look forward to going back with climbing ropes and harnesses and do the slot canyon right.