Wall Calendars for Your Business

Have your international and out-of-state clients ever asked you why your business is located in Utah? You could answer that question with the standard well-educated workforce, low cost of living, best state to do business in for 2016, blah blah boring answers. Or this year you could answer that question by sending each of your clients a beautiful, full color calendar featuring our aerial photographs of the amazing landscapes Utah has to offer!
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Every year we produce our Utah by Air! calendar filled with stunning aerial views from across the state. Utah has five well known National Parks, National Recreation areas like Glen Canyon (Lake Powell) and Flaming Gorge, the salt flats, the Great Salt Lake, and seven different National Forests. There are endless vistas to see, and our aerial photography captures Utah in all its glory with a different perspective, from above!

We comb through our vast library of stock aerial photography and choose twelve different images for the calendar every year, plus and additional image for the cover. The featured photograph every month is matched to the season, and complimented with additional images that fill the empty date squares on the calendar grid. We even match the coloring of the design to fit the time of year – cooler colors in the winter and warm colors in the summer. The inside cover has descriptions of each photograph detailing the location and history of the area. Each calendar is then privately labeled with your company logo and information on every page and can also include dates important to your business or any other information you need on the calendar pages.
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The cost is more affordable than you think, and we offer printing runs anywhere from 150 to over 10,000. Now is the time to start thinking about calendars, so give us a call and find out more about these beautiful and unique client gifts today.

p.s. If you just want a few of our calendars for yourself, follow this link or give us a call.

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